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Happy New Year!

Have you made your New Years resolution(s)? Perhaps it's something you want to start, like eating better or exercising. Maybe it's something you want to stop, like worrying about things you can't control or smoking. I no longer "officially" make New Year's resolutions. Sure, I start out with the intent of being more active and making healthier food choices. For example, last night, I roasted vegetables for the first time in years. I peeled and sliced carrots, parsnips and turnip into a casserole dish, tossed them with a bit of olive oil and seasoned them with oregano, basil, thyme, garlic, salt and pepper. Then I baked them at 475 for 40 minutes. This whole process took about an hour but it was so totally worth it. They were absolutely delicious and bonus, good for me! My husband who strongly dislikes each one of these vegetables individually, liked how they tasted all together, seasoned! Now, it took time and focus to accomplish this veritably succulent vessel of vegetables. It would have been much easier to just reach for a package, bag or can of something and heat it up. Easier in the moment perhaps but not as good for me in the long run.

How many things do we do in life because it is easier and expends less energy in the moment? Are we settling for second best, not becoming all that we can be because of lack of effort? Or are we setting ourselves up for eventual failure by creating unrealistic resolutions for the New Year? Many years I made resolutions and many years I failed to see them through for the long haul.

Recently, I have done something different. I would like to share it in case it might be of help to you as well. What I have done instead of making New Year's resolutions is to choose one word; Just one word that I can keep going back to. Is what I am doing helping me to achieve that one word I have chosen? This has helped me to measure what I am doing and helped keep me moving forward. That word can be something you want to become or something you want to do. You can go to oneword365.com for all of the details. I got this idea from my favourite author's, Debbie Macomber, website post a couple of years ago. The first word I chose was "Discover". It helped me to dive down deep and discover more about myself, who I am, what I love, what my purpose is. This ultimately led me, gradually, step by step, to record my CD. This year my word is "Pursue". I am choosing to "Pursue" what I have discovered. 

So perhaps this is the year that I will be more active and keep roasting vegetables right into December 2017. Perhaps it is not. One thing I do know is that 2017 is the year that I will "Pursue". Give myself permission to just check things out, imperfectly, and learn from my mistakes. I will strive not to limit myself to what I think but to pursue the process and see what comes of it. 

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! In one word, I hope that you will be "Blessed"


"Life is busy but it's all good"

Welcome to my very first blog entry!                        April 18, 2016                         

Right now life is very busy but it's all good!                                                                                                         

For those who don't know me well, I am the co-owner of a business with my husband. My main contribution to our business is book keeping. Currently, quarter end is looming. It is due at the end of this month, and my CD Release party is just a week after that deadline. So, my day consists of entering invoices, reconciling bank accounts and when I can, going up to the piano to play and sing.

In the evenings I am designing new business cards, researching and creating merchandise for the event, dreaming about what the room will look like that night, what we will eat and drink, having band practice and so many other small details that need to be taken care of.

My mind is spinning. I know that if I keep prioritizing and doing what needs to be done each day, it will all eventually get done. But, I also know that I need to do more than that. In the next few days I must do something that doesn't come naturally to me and I am hesitant to do... ask for help.

Why is it so difficult to ask for help? Logically, I know that is the only way I will be able to get everything done in time. I think I feel like I should be able to do it all myself, yet I know that is not realistic. There are things that I simply do not know how to do and things that I am not good at.

To be completely honest, I need to stop doing something that I have been doing for a very long time; saying no for the other person before I even ask them. I know this stems from not wanting to bother people who are already living busy lives of their own. In the coming days, I need to ask the question and give people the opportunity to answer for themselves. Allow them to say no if they need to but also realize that they may want to be involved and just might say yes!

I am grateful for the friends who have given generously of their time and expertise to get the album off to production. Now, I need to ask for assistance with the CD Release Party. Beware, if you are my friend, your phone just might be ringing this week!

I am now off to make a cup of tea and get back to the books. I am looking forward to the evening of May 7th. I can't wait to see who comes to celebrate with me! I am very excited to play my original songs with a full band and then to spend time visiting with everyone. 

- Deanne


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