No More Looking Back

Deanne Perry

In her debut CD, East Coast Canadian Singer-Songwriter, Deanne Perry delivers a vocally driven, piano supported Pop feel with forthright lyrics that take you on a journey of processing real life experiences including love, loss and trust.

What's your story? Everybody has one. "This collection of songs tell of moments in mine."

“No More Looking Back” is a collection of six original songs that take you on a journey through Deanne’s life experiences over the past 25 years. “By leaning into and walking through the tough circumstances that life blindsides us with,” says Deanne, “I have gained valuable perspective on what is really important and have embraced these core truths: ‘Love More, Judge Less’, ‘Life is hard but life is good’, ‘It’s all about relationship.’”

If you have wrestled with doubt, been paralyzed by fear, held down by guilt and shame, wondered who you could trust when life gets hard or felt the intense sickness in the pit of your stomach at the loss of a loved one, then you have a common point of connection with Deanne. It is her hope that her music will both encourage and challenge her listeners, right where they are.

For more information visit her website

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